Saturday, July 08, 2006

Two weeks off

I have not been good at blogging over the last 2 weeks, I have to admit. Despite the fact I have not run a step since the race (you may remember that this was my plan), I have not used all this extra time to any good effect at all. It's probably because I have been too busy attending art exhibitions, working long hours and generally socialising in trendy city bars.

I had my first piece of fan mail recently. It came from one of my colleagues at work. I don't want to identify her, but she has a short name and a vowel ratio of 50% (it's a private joke, which I may explain in some future posting. We actually have someone in our office with a vowel ratio of 80%, which is hard to believe - see if you know anyone who can beat that). Anyway, to return to my fanmail, I was told that my blog was wonderful. The sender had obviously had too much to drink or had been out in the sun for too long, but nevertheless a compliment is a compliment, and it was greatly appreciated. I did however forget to thank her formally, much to her disappointment, so I hope she reads this and accepts my sincere apologies for that oversight.

George, who is my long term running partner and WHW backup person, is 60 today. It is very hard to believe he is 60. He is an extremely fit guy who runs faster than about 99.9% of the population. He is still running half marathons in the low 1.30s, and 10ks around 40 minutes. We were at his party earlier on this evening (more socialising) and thoroughly enjoyed it. One of George's claims to fame is that his pram is in the People's Palace in Glasgow, or at least it used to be. I haven't been there for some considerable time so the exhibits may have changed, but I would be disappointed if it is no longer on display.

I'm going to start running again this weekend, probably with an easy 5 miles or so on Sunday. Then it's the jogscotland 5k race on Wednesday night in Inverleith Park, Edinburgh. My body should be fresh for it, but my 2 weeks of inactivity may have a negative effect, and I can probably expect to be beaten by people in fancy dress, the ultimate humiliation for a club runner. One of the members of our club was passed by Rupert the Bear a few years ago in the London Marathon, around the 21 mile point. She might have got away with it, but for the fact that it was captured in glorious detail by the BBC and shown as part of their highlights programme that night. I am sorry to admit that I, and others in the club, found it hilarious. The individual concerned has never lived it down, and is no longer an active member of the club. You will therefore appreciate my relief at the fact the BBC are not, to my knowledge, planning to cover the jogscotland 5k.

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