Sunday, August 20, 2006

Great Trail Run (10k), Falkirk

Today I ran in the Great Trail 10k Run in and around Callendar Park, Falkirk. It was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The course was a mixture of cross country, trails, tarmac, with a few steep hills thrown in for good measure. I set off at a very cautious pace, well aware of the fact I had run a 16 mile training run on the roads yesterday. After 1km or so I felt pretty good, so started picking it up a bit and passed quite a few people. It was a great advantage knowing the course so well - this is one of my regular training runs, and it is only about a mile or so from our house. I was through the half way point in about 21.30, which I was pleased with, then did the second half a bit faster to finish in just over 42 minutes. It's been some time since I've enjoyed a run so much. I'm even thinking of entering the Loch Lomond version which takes place on 9 September, but I'll need to check out my diary first. I have to say that the organisation of the 'Great Run' events is always first class, and today's race was no exception - well done to John Caine and his team at Nova International.

As I mentioned I did a 16 mile run yesterday. I went out at 8.30am with a friend who is training for the Moray Marathon in a couple of weeks, and he had done about 7 miles on his own before meeting up with me. I struggled a bit over the last 4 miles - my hamstrings were very tight again - but I was generally pleased to get a decent long run in on the road, averaging below 8 minute mile pace.

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