Saturday, April 19, 2008

My thoughts on the Highland Fling

Here's my thoughts:
The distance: it goes without saying, but 53 miles is a long, long way.
Weather: the last 2 years were roasting. Hope it's cooler this year.
Race organisation: I'm just loving Murdo's amusing email updates on the race. The 'international' competition is brilliant.
Start time: I know the 6am start makes sense, but getting up at 3am on a Saturday morning is barking mad.
Pre race toilets: how on earth did Murdo persuade Tesco to let 150 nervous runners use their toilets? Incredible.
Race pace: 8 weeks isn't a lot of time to recover before the WHW race. So maintaining a steady pace is vital.
Race history: assuming I finish, I'll be one of only 6 people to complete all 3 Flings, which means I'll be a race legend. What an honour. Pity I didn't remember that last year when I was in agony with cramp above Crianlarich.
Food: I need to remember to get gels, Muller rices, beans, and Lucozade sport. Hopefully allybea will bring soup and coffee.

So there you go. That's it. No videos or in depth discussion from me :)

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