Wednesday, September 10, 2008

24 hour nerves

On Saturday at 10 am the Perth 24 hour race will begin. That is now less than 3 days away and I have to admit that I'm feeling a bit nervous. I don't know what to expect at all. 24 hours is a long time to run round a 2.381 km loop. I don't really have a plan, other than to go out and run as I feel. There are about 22 people taking part in the 24 hour race and 18 in the 100 km. A lot of them are WHW family members, so at least I'll know a few of my fellow runners.

I plan to listen to my radio when I'm running as that should help pass the time. Other than that I'll just see how it goes.


The Sunday Adventure Club said...

Good luck on Saturday I'm sure you'll have a great time!
I do think you should work out some kind of schedule though, or else it would be like running the whw without knowing where you are. You'll need targets, goals etc to drive you on when it gets hard.
All the best

Subversive Runner said...

Good luck mate, and give that Melaragni fella a boot up the bum each time you pass him.

Tim said...

Hi Ian, I'm sure you'll be fine. It's a real step into the unknown though, psychologically at least so some nerves are to be expected.

I think Richie is right about having a schedule. I think this is definitely the kind of event where you don't want to go out hard and then fizzle out. Save your strength for later!

Good luck!

Ellen said...

Hi Ian,

Lot's of luck for the weekend.

Just remember you gave me the confidence to believe in myself when I first did the whw race. Now have the confidence to believe in yourself.

Ellen x

Thomas said...

Good Luck with that!

I hope that race will stay on the calendar; it might fit very well with my own plans next year.

Davie Bell said...

Good Luck Ian,I'm sure you'll cope mentally as well as physically,no problem to an old campaigner like you.
All the best

Anonymous said...

Well done Ian, sounds a hard outing! The 24hr laps have always been a total turn off for me, but I know I'll end up doing one as I have a morbid curiosity to find out what they are actually like. Must be very hard going without the scenery changes/feeling of progression of a point to point.

Anyway thanks for the words of support after the UTMB and well done on a great run.


Iain R

David B. said...

See the tough guys at