Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 targets

2009 is only an hour away, and as my middle son is in Germany (GMT +1) new year has just arrived. Happy new year to him.

I don't have long to put down my 2009 running target, so here goes:

1. To finish the WHW race;
2. To finish the 'Big 3' WHW races (the Highland Fling, the WHW race, the Devil O' The Highlands);
3. To complete 5 ultras (including a 24 hour race);
4. To run at least 25 races;
5. To run 5 new races;
6. To run a race on a Scottish island I haven't visited before;
7. To beat 40 minutes for a 10k;
8. To beat 1 hour 30 minutes for a half marathon;
9. To finish in the top half of the field in the National XC;
10. To run 2,000 miles.

After my run at Kilbarchan today, where I was more than 2 minutes slower than last year, the 10k, half marathon and national XC targets all look quite challenging. The biggest target of all, however, is to enjoy my running.

Hope you all have a great 2009.


Subversive Runner said...

Good luck in achieving your goals for 09, Ian.

I'll see you at at least three of the events (Fling, WHW and 24).

Happy New Year

Peter Duggan said...

Hey Ian, those 10k and HM targets sound more like mine (try to remember you're better than that!)...

Bliadhna Mhath Ur :-)


Billy said...


That's a very comprehensive list of targets - good luck with them all.

I enjoy reading your blog and will be hoping to glean more good tips from it in the future.

Look forward to meeting you in due course.


John Kynaston said...

Good to see you yesterday Ian. Goals look good for the year. I hope you achieve them all.


Lee Maclean said...

This is all far to serious Ian.
Remember you have been touched by the Strathaven Striders..... our moto.... We are a Drinking club with a Running problem.

Mrs Mac

Davie Bell said...

Happy New Year Ian and good luck with all your goals