Sunday, September 06, 2009

Running in circles

Running in circles, Comin' in tails
Heads on a science apart.
Nobody said it was easy,
It's such a shame for us to part.
Nobody said it was easy,
No one ever said it would be this hard.
Oh take me back to the start.

Today was the Glasgow half marathon, but I didn't feel I was in half marathon shape at the moment so didn't enter - the first time I haven't entered since 1989. Instead I headed along to the local track at Stirling University, to do a few laps as preparation for the 24 hour race at Tooting.

The woman at reception was quite happy for me to use the track, so I stuck my wee radio on and got running. I found Radio Clyde, which was covering the half marathon, interviewing various 10k and half marathon finishers, and that helped pass the time. I ran round, and round, and round again, occasionally seeing people who were out to run a few laps, but mostly on my own. It wasn't the most interesting run, but it wasn't as bad as you might think - I would actually recommend it if you fancy running somewhere a bit different, particularly if you are looking for a circular route with no hills whatsoever :)

I had planned to do 20km (50 laps) but managed an extra 10 laps to take me up to 15 miles, covering the total distance in 2 hours 17 minutes. So only another 21 hours and 43 minutes more on 17th/18th October and I'll be home and dry. Nae bother.


Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Are you walking round the house in circles? :-)

Brian Mc said...

I've batted in a last minute entry to the Tooting Bec, so might see you there. :-)

Davie Bell said...

Good to see you're gettin focused again Ian, see you at the RAW on Sat looking forward to a short run :-) Davie

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that was good for Tooting. You'll need to go again, and go round in the other direction this time :-)))


Keith Hughes said...

round and round the garden
like a teddy bear
one step
2 step
tickle under there...