Friday, April 12, 2013

Feeling like a runner again...

After a dismal period of running I am starting to enjoy it and - wait for it - actually feel like a runner again. I've had some brilliant runs over the last few weeks, including a 26 miler on the snow covered Cateran Trail, a 4 Hills of Edinburgh effort with the Wednesday night gang, and the Kilomathon Race. I've been cycling in and out of work, which I've really enjoyed, and been walking up the stairs rather than taking the lift. We're on the 5th floor so it's not as insignficant as it sounds... every little helps and all that..

I'll do a steady run tomorrow with Sandra, then a few easy runs next week before the London Marathon a week on Sunday. I'm not expecting a fantastic time, but to get round it in one piece (ideally with a '3' at the start of my time) would be perfectly acceptable given my disrupted training and unexpected January stay in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. I'm looking on it as a nice weekend away, an experience to be enjoyed, and a long training run which should stand me in good stead for races later in May and June - the Sri Chimnoy 5k (what was I thinking entering this?), the Loch Leven half marathon, the Edinburgh half marathon and then the big one, the Strathearn marathon.


Anonymous said...

Sounds promising Ian! You should do a "Guess my time" competition for London. Pretty difficult to call, but I'll go for an easy-to-remember 3:23:23.

Enjoy ~ I'm sure you will

Andy Cole said...

Great to hear you're back Ian.