Sunday, February 18, 2007

Avoiding the burn

Some of you may remember my previous comments about the 2006 Central AC cross country championships at Dunblane. This was the event where I fell in the burn and ended up spending the following afternoon at Stirling Royal Infirmary to see whether my thumb was broken (which, thankfully, it wasn't). Anyway, I resolved not to do this race again, because of concerns about my personal safety when trying to jump over burns - I am over 40 now, after all.

It was therefore a surprise to many in the club when I turned up this afternoon at Queen Victoria School for the 2007 edition of the race. I didn't run particularly fast - 25.44 for the 4 mile course, which was a minute and a half slower than last year - but in my defence I did a hard 20.5 mile run yesterday, so took things reasonably easy today. We had to cross the burn a total of 10 times, at 3 different parts of the course. I worked out my 'burn crossing' strategy beforehand: this was all about finishing in one piece, with the time taken to get across being almost irrelevant. I was hugely relieved to implement my strategy successfully and to finish in one piece.

I've run a total of 65 miles this week. That's a lot higher than my normal weekly mileage, but I wanted to get some good running in the bank at this stage of my training programme. I'm feeling quite tired now, perhaps not surprisingly, but hopefully I'll get the benefit in due course.

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