Saturday, February 10, 2007

Did I make the top half in the National XC?

Regular readers may remember that one of my targets for the year was to make the top half of the field in the National Cross Country Championship. Well, I'm not long back from Callendar Park in Falkirk (which, incidentally, was a cold place to be this afternoon - thank goodness I wasn't sitting for an hour and a half watching the football). I finished in 210th place, in a time of 49.58. I was felt I ran quite well, and was fairly pleased with my time.

So, did I make the top half?

The answer is that I don't know yet. The Jackson team, who do a lot of the organisation of the cross country champonships, produced results remarkably quickly, but only issued the first page of the men's race. They said they would finish the results off later tonight and post them on the internet. That means, unfortunately, I do not know how many people finished the race, and as a consequence don't know whether I achieved my target or not. The mathematicians amongst the readership will already have worked out that I need there to be 420 finishers if I am to achieve the target. For the last few years the finishing numbers have been close to this - maybe slightly more - so it is going to be close. You can be sure I'll be checking the website at regular intervals this evening to see if I have made it, and I'll pass the information on as soon as I know.

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