Sunday, September 16, 2007


I was stewarding today at the Stirling 10k. It was a good race but the weather was awful for standing about - torrential rain the whole time. I quite like running in these conditions, and was a bit disappointed I hadn't entered. Still, I went out an 8 mile run when I got home and felt great, managing to do it at 6.59 pace, despite the hills. Maybe I'm starting to get the benefit of my long run on Friday.

This looks like being a busy week. I'm going to the rugby on Tuesday night with friends (Scotland v Romania), then it's the Camanachd Cup Final on Saturday (shinty - it's the 100th Cananachd Cup Final - Fort William v Inveraray), then the rugby again on Sunday (Scotland v the All Blacks). All of them are hospitality events, which doesn't auger well for my training. I'll have to be pretty disciplined the rest of the time as I'd like to do another 50 miles this week. That would set me up nicely for the marathon, and would hopefully leave me in shape to give a sub 3 hour attempt my best shot.

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runningpix said...


As you are still a central man as well as a harrier, perhaps you could point me in the direction of the race organiser as I'm keen to know what happened to my chip time!!It is missing from the results so assume I had a faulty chip!

thanks for standing in the rain. you are right, better to run in it than stand!