Friday, February 01, 2008

Lucy is 3 today

Lucy, my younger labrador, is 3 today, so happy birthday Lucy. Before anyone asks we didn't name her after Lucy Colquhoun, the WHW ladies record holder - we didn't know Lucy Colquhoun then and I just liked the name.

After a few days of moaning about sore quads, and trying to work out if walking in high heels really did make them feel better (I'm kidding, honest, but it was a good tip Debs), I managed to get out a couple of runs yesterday and today. Last night was windy, with a capital 'W' (which means it was Windy I suppose, rather than windy :). A few times I thought I was going to get blown over, or hit by an escaped wheelie bin, but I made it back safely having done a 6 mile loop round Edinburgh's south side. Today I did a more gentle 4 mile run along the Union canal. I'm beginning to feel like a runner again.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, it's a 20 mile on the WHW with some of the guys from Central (Milngavie to Balmaha is planned), hopefully followed by a run with the club early on Sunday morning. Then it's off to Murrayfield on Sunday for the Scotland v France match. Should be a good weekend.

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