Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More publicity for everyone - except me

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was never in myRace magazine. Well, it's getting worse. I opened my new edition of Runner's World to see a big photo of Debbie in an advert for some adventure race. And then, to add insult to injury, it turns out Tim is featuring on the new Loch Ness Marathon application form. I've done every one of the 6 Loch Ness marathons, but no photo of me. Ridiculous.

My quads are really sore after Saturday's long run and I've been having trouble walking down the stairs. I did a 3 mile jog after work tonight, in an attempt to loosen them off. Not sure it worked, but at least I managed to do it without too much pain - although the downhill sections did hurt a bit. I think it might be time to give Trevor, my physio, a call, and get a decent massage.


Marco Consani said...

Looks like we have all had sore quads after Saturday Ian. Debbie and me have been struggling with it and I read on John's site that he is too.
We have had the new edition of Runners World sitting on the dining room table for 3 days still in its sellophane wrapper. I bet its the first thing Debbie opens when we get home.

Take care and hope the quads get better soon.


Tim said...

Sorry to hear that the path to fame seems to be eluding you Ian.

Can I suggest the services of this chap? ;-)


Apart from a rather uncomfortable Saturday night, my quads have been okay. Legs a little heavy but did some speed work with the club last night without any problems