Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why am I never in myRace magazine?

There is a Scottish running magazine called myRace. In general it is very good, focusing on the Scottish endurance running scene, with lots of race reports and photos. Debs, one of this year's WHW entrants, writes for it. Despite all this, I have a serious complaint to make about it. Why am I never in it? On Wednesday I bought the latest edition, the 13th. I've never been in any of the previous 12 but surely, I thought, I'll be in it this time? I read it from cover to cover on the way home on the train but guess what? Once again, to my great disappointment, I was nowhere to be seen. It's just not fair. Each year I run in something like 25 to 30 races, a lot of them covered by myRace, but I'm never in the magazine. Almost everyone else I know has been in it. There was a photo of Phil running the Stirling 10k in the last edition. Liz was in an earlier version running some obscure multi-terrain race near Forfar. The other Phil was in it doing the Stuc a Chroin hill race. But where am I? Nowhere. Why is this happening? Has the editor taken a specific policy decision that there will never be a photograph of me in it? Debs, I know you read this blog. I would appreciate if would you have a word with the editor about it and ask him to make sure I am in the next edition. Thank you. Rant over.


John Kynaston said...

If I was the editor you'd be on the front cover? You think there would be something about our rivalry for this year wouldn't you?


Debbie Martin-Consani said...

If anyone tells you it's because you're not pretty enough, don't you listen to them.

I'll put in a good word. Maybe even ask if you can help with the photography for my bug bears feature? Now go and pick up your dummy.

Ps: At least something make you update your blog ;-)

Anonymous said...

Do you really strive for such minor publicity? Pathetic