Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dumfries marathon

Today I ran the Dumfries marathon in 3 hours 19 minutes and 5 seconds, finishing 19th. I've run faster (not least my 2.59 this time last year at Zurich) but at the end of the day I can't really complain about my time - I've also run slower marathons on more than a few occasions. My legs were really sore after about 10 miles today. Don't know what the problem was, but I couldn't get in to a fluent stride pattern at all - so I was quite pleased at being able to dig in and still get below 3.20, especially as I have been busy at work and with sportscotland stuff over the last couple of months. But that sounds a bit like making excuses, and as I said on an earlier post (and which David Waterman reiterated on his excellent blog ) there is no point in making excuses when it comes to our running. I did the best I could, and felt really strong at the end, passing the first lady with about half a mile to go. Hopefully that augers well for the West Highland Way.

That's me up to 61 marathons and ultras (45 marathons, 16 ultras), although that pales into insignficance compared to Steve Edwards, who passed me today around the 11 mile mark on his way to completing his 450th marathon. He finished today's race in 3.10 and I think his average time for all his marathons is 3.18. An incredible athlete. More details about Steve are here: (or else put Steve Edwards into Google and see what comes up).

Finally congratulations to Troon's Charlie Martin (one of my ex clubmates), who passed me today at the 17 mile marker as though he was out for a 2 mile sprint. Charlie took 5 minutes out me in the last 9 miles, and finished in an impressive 3.14. I tried to stay with him, but he was motoring and just pulled away. It's looking good for his Zurich Ironman in July.


Brian Mc said...

Well played Ian. Totting up that kind of number of marathons and ultras is fantastic - really something to aim for.

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

If I were to run a 3:19 marathon, I'd be whisked off for a drugs test. I think it's a fabulous time. Well done.

Davie Bell said...

It's all about putting yourself on the line, too often have I heard runners say no I'm not racing I'm not fit to race, bulls***,I've used races to get myself fit regardless of what condition I'm in or what time it will take me,well done Ian you know you can run quicker with the right preparations that's all that matters.

Marco Consani said...

Well done Ian and a fantastic position. I have only done 2 marathons and 2 ultras so I am in total awe at your tally.

See you on Saturday?

Thomas said...

Yes, well played Ian. That was fast enough. With 45 Marathons in your bag there is nothing you have to prove.
However hope I that you still find the time and energy to fit in the miles despite all your commitments. Your rival John is getting closer :-)