Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another big weekend of running coming up

This weekend I'm going to attempt something I've never tried before - back to back marathons. The plan is to drive up to Ullapool on Friday to catch the 5.15pm Stornoway boat, stay overnight at the bunkhouse, then run the Stornoway Marathon on Saturday morning. I should be able to get a boat back in the afternoon, giving me just enough time to drive home, grab some sleep, then head through to Edinburgh on Sunday morning for the marathon there.

Needless to say I'm not expecting brilliant times, but I'm just using it as another good training weekend in preparation for the WHW and a chance to visit the Outer Hebrides, where I have never been before. Hopefully the weather will be cool and overcast on both days. Light drizzle would do perfectly.

John K is running the Kirkcudbright (almost) half marathon on Saturday. As you can guess from my sarcastic use of the bracketed word 'almost', various questions have been raised in the past about the length of the Kirkcudbright course. I ran it one year in 1.20, although I found it hard to believe I had been running that quickly. To add to the doubts, the number of people who came in with PBs was truly astonishing - almost every person who crossed the line looked at their watch and commented on the fact they had run a PB. To be fair that was quite a few years ago, in the days when the course was rumoured to be measured with a car mileometer, so hopefully it will be properly measured now.


John Kynaston said...

Ejoy your back to back marathons! It will be interesting to see which one is quicker?

According to the information I have received about the Kirkcudbright half marathon it is a slightly altered route owing to development work at the school so they have taken the opportunity to have the course accurately measured! Though it does also say that it their opinion the old route was accurately measured as well.

So if I go under 1.27 I am counting it as achieving that goal for the year. This might be my only half this year so seize the day and all that!


Tim said...

Best of luck in your marathons Ian. Isn't Ellen doing something like that too?

As John says, I think the course has been remeasured due to changes. One hopes that they've got it right this time!

Tim said...

Hi Ian,

I've just checked the new course with Memorymap and it looks to be right this time.

Interestingly, the new course seems to have a lot of extra wiggles if my memory of the old course is correct. Have a look at the link below and see what you think.

Thomas said...

Ian, that sounds like a fun weekend. Boat trips and long runs... Did'n Marco do something similar recently ;-)
Anyway good luck for your back to back marathons. If you survive this without injuries you will be in top shape in 4 weeks.

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

The things you do to get more free t-shirts ;-)

Good luck.

allybea said...

By the end of the weekend he'll have more space in his drawers debs ;-) Mwoah ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Leaving this on your blog to make sure you read it! Thanks very much for you comment on my blog today - I am absolutely overjoyed with my time. Can't believe how supportive all the WHW race folk are being, when I am not even running it! One day though I think! Well done to you too, heard from John how you did today, and yesterday, two super times considering the back to back element and the travelling! I was looking out for you today on the out and back bit.