Saturday, May 17, 2008

A distinct lack of blogging

It must be about 2 weeks since I last blogged, which to be perfectly honest is not very good. I get a bit hacked off when I go to look at someone's blog and it is just the same story from the last time I visited - so there really isn't any excuse. In case you think I am a boring person who hasn't done anything, I'll try and give a very quick round up of what has been happening since my last post.

Sunday 4th May - son no 3 and I went to Liverpool for the Liverpool v Manchester City game, as a birthday treat for son no 3. It was a great day and a fantastic experience. Liverpool won 1-0 which pleased no 3 son greatly. It was a 5 hour drive back up the road in terrible weather, so given it was a 4 o'clock kick-off we didn't get home till close to midnight. Tired for a few days afterwards.

Wednesday 7th May - the Troon 10k. It was a hot night, but that was really no excuse for my disappointing time of 39.39. John K ran something like 38.47 (I thought he would do better than that as well) to go 3-2 up in our series - a series I had been leading 2-0 in the middle of February. Not good.

Friday 9th May - night out in the office. Decided to forget about the last train and treat everyone to a fantastic rendition of Robbie's 'Angels', using a TV remote control as a microphone. It didn't seem such a good idea the following day, what with my splitting headache and realisation that the taxi home had cost a fortune.

Saturday 10th May - didn't attempt the 20 mile Tour of Strathearn run I had been planning. Instead did a gentle and slow 8 mile run on the local back roads, which was a hard slog and more than enough.

Tuesday 13th / Wednesday 14th May - in Belfast for a UK Sports Cabinet meeting. It must be at least 10 years since I was last in Belfast, and the place has changed beyond recognition. It seems like a great city, and the hotel we stayed in was brilliant, with fantastic views over Belfast Lough. I hope to go back for a holiday sometime.

Thurday 15th May - completely gutted to read the Subversive Runner's blog and find out it has all been made up. Wife No 3 doesn't even exist! (Just kidding Dave - not gutted at all - your ex partner's comments amused me greatly).

Friday 16th / Saturday 17th May - 2 day WHW training run, from Balmaha to Bridge of Orchy on the Friday (with an overnight stay at Bridge of Orchy), then Bridge of Orchy to Fort William on the Saturday. 76 miles in 2 days. I'll write about it in more detail tomorrow when I am not so tired.


Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

It must be something in the water up here. My son (no 1) is a huge Liverpool fan. He painted his room RED the day we moved in (Dec 07) He was 11 last week...but didn't get to go to Anfield...He would be so jealous. I will not put ideas in his head just yet. My 'son no 3 is 8 and a Man U supporter! What can I say.

Anyway sounds like a great treat for him.

Enjoy checkin' in on your blog. I wouldn't worry about repeats as we all know running is a bit repetitive!! It's just good to read about others sticking to a crazy routine too!

David Waterman said...

Hey Ian, good to have you back!! Yep, I've clicked on your blog daily to see it not updated and felt that feeling of disappointment!! Just do what I do and make it up!!!! (it's almost all true).

You're a busy dude. Interseting comments about Belfast. my memories are not great.

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Was starting to think Allybea had buried you under the patio ;-)