Friday, July 18, 2008

Should I do the 24 hour race at Perth?

The 24 hour race at Perth has now been officially launched. Full details can be found here . It takes place on Saturday 13th / Sunday 14th September, round a 2.38km cycle track on the North Inch in Perth.

I don't know whether to do it or not. On the positive side:
1. I've always fancied doing a 24 hour race, but the WHW race has been my big event of the last few years so I haven't been able to fit one in. As I didn't finish this year's WHW race - how it still hurts to write that - this would be a good year to do a 24 hour race.
2. Logistically it couldn't be easier. Perth is only half an hour up the road and a number of people have already offered to help out with backup.
3. It would give me a target to aim for and help me get running again. Since the WHW I've been struggling to get motivated - having this event should help me get my running shoes on and get back out the door.

On the negative side:
1. As I said above, I'm still struggling with my motivation for running. I am concerned that I wouldn't be able to raise myself to the level needed to train for something like this, so soon after the WHW disappointment.
2. My body may benefit more from having a relatively easy few months running, then coming back stronger next year.
3. To push myself through the undoubted pain of a 24 hour race is going to take a lot of mental strength. Am I ready to do that?

All comments and advice are welcome - as long as you don't get upset if I don't listen or take any of the advice :)


allybea said...

No you shouldn't do it!

Don't ask the question if you won't listen to the answer!!

John Kynaston said...

We can talk more tomorrow on the way to the Open but to start the ball rolling I would say no. This is such a big undertaking ... if you are not 100% committed then you won't give it your best and if you aren't able to give it your best then you'll be disappointed.

Having said that if you are committed to it and going ahead I will happily help on the back up.


Thomas said...

Ian, I don't want to talk you into it nor out of it.
Since you are raising the question you are obviously not 100% behind this idea and a 24 hour race requires 100% of your mind and body.
Why don't you just register and give youself some time and wait how it feels when you get closer to the race. But don't do it if it does not feel right.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Devil's!


Thomas said...

I'd definitely give it a go. Signing up for that race will probably increase your motivation again, thus turning a negative into a positive.

Colin said...

Can't help thinking, if you're asking yourself "why exactly am I doing this" during an 8 hour run through Scotland's beautiful scenery (OK it was at night, but Scotland doesn't really get dark in July, does it?), what are you going to be asking yourself on the zillionth lap round the same 2km track in Perth, with 16 hours to go?

Best wishes

Brian Mc said...

Difficult to say. If you aren't really motivated then this could be another DNF disappointment, and that could really knock you for six. But, it might just motivate you so could be a winner. Risky in my opinion. Risky.

Tim said...

FWIW, I think that you're crazy to even consider such a mad event (although my offer of support stands). ;-)

Particularly when you could be entering the Lakeland 100 ( on the 8th to the 10th of August.

Of course the timing might not suit you but if I wasn't so hooked on the WHW race, I'd definitely be considering it as an alternative.