Friday, July 25, 2008

An update on various things

Well, I'm finally back on line. We haven't had any internet access for the last week as our neighbours were getting trees felled and one of the contactors cut through our phone line. So if you have been looking in anxiously looking for an update, please accept my apologies - although if you were that concerned you could always have called me on my mobile or sent a text :)

To move on to the serious stuff, I'd like to thank everyone who commented on my last posting about the 24 hour race. There was some really useful advice, and I appreciated everyone's comments. Getting to the point right away, I've decided not to do it. Not because I'm worried about failing, or my lack of motivation, but quite simply because I don't think I'm in good enough shape at the moment to do a run of this length and difficulty. I had 3 easy weeks running before the WHW, and in the 4 weeks since then I haven't done a great deal at all. That's 7 weeks of poor training - not the ideal preparation for a 24 hour race. I realised when I went out last Sunday for a 12 mile run that I wasn't ready for it - the last few miles were a real struggle, especially going up the hill at the end. My struggle was also due to a problem I'm having with my left knee - I can run for quite a few miles and then it gets sore, particularly going up or down hill. From scanning the internet it sounds like classic ITB symptoms, so I suspect a visit to Trevor (my physio) is on the card for early next week. If anyone has any positive stories about ITB or knee injuries in general then please let me know. If they are negative then I'd appreciate if you would keep them to yourself. The last thing I need right now is more doom and gloom.

I've been on holiday the last 2 weeks and it has turned into a bit of a golfing break. I was at Birkdale last Thursday and Saturday for the Open, then golfed with John K at Troon on Monday and with Allybea (her first time) at Muthill on Wednesday. We also managed a couple of visits to driving ranges. I only play between 6 and 10 games of golf a year, but played a lot more when I was in my teens and at one stage had a handicap of 8. I don't think I could ever get back down to that level, but am pretty sure I could get down to 12 or so if I played more regularly. That might have to be my backup plan if my knee doesn't get any better.

I don't really know whether to run over the weekend or not. My knee feels ok at the moment, but it may be better to give it a proper rest, particularly as there are no big races coming up for the next few weeks. I'll just wait and see how I feel.


John said...

Ian, I had some pretty bad problems with ITBS on both legs in the past but I'm pleased to say I'm now over it and haven't had any issues recently..

Assuming it is ITBS (pain on the outside of your leg), I'd look at shoes first: is the cushioning gone (assuming road shoes)? Are they the right shoes?

Forgive the patronising URL, but the link below gives some good ITBS stretches which really sorted me out:

Brian Mc said...

I have found that ITB problems tend to clear up pretty quickly after a massage session or two. Get your physio to show you how, then ask Allybea to help out with a few massage sessions - much cheaper and possibly more fun than paying a physio lots and lots. :-)

Davie Bell said...

Ian I have been troubled with ITB in the past, I don't know if you already wear orthotics? if you don't it would be worth visiting a Podiatrist for a footscan, I can recommend a good one in Edinburgh he sorted me out with custom fit ones what a difference and not too expensive either.

The Sunday Adventure Club said...

Hi Ian, thanks for your comment on my blog, hope you get back to some consistent running/racing again soon, Richie.