Monday, August 18, 2008

Amazing stats

I'm a boring accountant and therefore I like my stats. Normally I try and keep them to myself for fear of sending my readers to sleep, but I thought it was worth sharing these ones from Saturday's run, courtesy of my GPS:

Miles - 53.4
Calories - 7,110

Wow. That seems like a lot of calories. From looking at the scales before and after Saturday's run, it seems to equate to a weight loss of around half a stone, which I'm pleased to say hasn't reappeared yet. And as an added bonus my trousers now feel a lot more comfortable around the waist, which could save me the hassle and cost of buying a new suit. Isn't ultra running wonderful? I'm surprised more people don't do it :)


Tim said...

I must admit half a stone seems a lot to have lost in one go. Still, I'm feeling generally lighter & bouncier since my 28 miler on Friday so who knows, maybe I've lost a pound or two as well.

Gotta be good to shed as many unwanted puons as possible before the biggy. Put your entry in yet? Are you going to set up a rota so that we don't all turn up at once to annoy you during your run?

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

See you're not preggers after all :-)

Brian Mc said...

Ultra running = ability to consume large numbers of sausages and drink large volumes of ale without putting on weight = marvellous

Marco Consani said...

Worked the other way for me Ian. I have done 53 miles and put half a stone on. How did I do that? Well instead of doing all 53 miles in one day I have taken 7 weeks to do mine.
Oh well. :-)

Well done on the run. Debbie and I might pop by to see how you are getting on in the 24hour race but it will depend what time we get back from our holidays.

Take care.