Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I got to hold an Olympic gold medal!!!!

I was lucky enough to be at the Scottish olympic medal winners' press conference earlier today and met Chris Hoy and Ross Edgar, our 2 medal winning cyclists. I even got to hold one of Chris Hoy's gold medals and Ross Edgar's silver medal! These guys are fantastic - the best performers in the world in their sport, but still so modest, approachable and completely down to earth. They are a huge inspiration to me, and I am sure to everyone else with an interest in sport. Many congratulations to them - they fully deserve the tremendous reception they have had from the Scottish and British public.


Anonymous said...

The internet is a wonderful thing for finding out things like that! Had done not bad in trying to remember and just confirmed it from the internet!

Brian Mc said...

Hoy was absolutely superb in the Olympics - superb. Lucky you getting to not only meet them, but to hold a gold medal!

Sarah Ridgway said...

G'day - sounds like you've had a great weekend!

Did you leave a comment on my blog about Iain's UTMB? I accidently deleted it and he would have loved to read what you wrote - sorry to be a pain but could you write something similar....

hope the running is going well

best wishes