Sunday, September 03, 2006

Golf, Robbie and the Glasgow Half Marathon

It's been a busy few days. On Friday we had our annual golf day with a crowd I used to work with at a firm called Arthur Andersen (you may have heard of them: they got into a bit of bother with an American company called Enron and imploded shortly afterwards). As usual it was a brilliant day. This year's venue was Gleneagles, with a meal at night in a hotel in Auchterarder. The highlight of the day was undoubtedly one of the guys, Gerry, managing to win for the first time ever, although he did have a handicap of 54 and was allowed to ignore any shots he had out of a bunker. I won a very fetching golf shirt (black with silver stars, about 8 sizes too big) courtesy of my rather excellent performance in the morning round when I managed to score 2 2s. For those who don't play golf, that's pretty good.

On Saturday it was off to Hampden Park for the Robbie Williams concert. It's probably fair to say that I wasn't a huge Robbie fan beforehand, but it was a fantastic show and I am his biggest fan now. That man certainly knows how to "entertain you". We had a very nice meal beforehand, then drank champagne in our chauffeur driven car on the way to Hampden. All in all a great night, although we didn't get home until 1am, as the car couldn't get past all the girls wearing pink cowboy hats and angel wings. What is all that about? They looked so good that I nearly bought a set myself. It would have gone well with my new suit.

It probably wasn't the best preparation for Sunday's half marathon in Glasgow. I was up at 6am, just a few hours after I got to bed, headed into Glasgow for about 8.30am, then finished the race in a very average 1.30. Conditions were wet and drizzly, which was just about perfect, so I can't use that as an excuse. Although I found the last 5 miles hard, I generally enjoyed the race. It was my 16th Great Scottish Run, out of the 25 that have taken place so far, and hopefully I'll be back for my 17th next year.

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