Saturday, September 16, 2006

Quick update

I'm sitting here at my computer at 10.30pm on a Saturday night (is there a more exciting person in the whole world, I wonder?) and I can only give a very quick update as I have an early start tomorrow for the City of Stirling 10k. So it is a highlights only version tonight I'm afraid:

On Friday last week I ran from my work in Edinburgh to my house in Falkirk, in a somewhat desperate attempt to get a long run in before the Loch Ness marathon. Although the first hour out of Edinburgh was full of traffic and just generally dull, the run went very well and I felt strong for more or less the whole way. It took me just under 4 hours for the 26.5 miles, and I could have done a lot more. So that was pretty good.

The following Sunday I took part in the Comrie Hills Relay race, running the 4th (and easiest) leg for the Central 'mixed' team. The sun shone, the scenery was brilliant, there was great camaraderie amongst all the teams, and all in all it was a great days running. My time wasn't anything brilliant - about 58 minutes for the 7.1miles - but that didn't really matter.

Then it was on to the Meadows for the last Sri Chinmoy race of the season, a 2 mile blast round the park. I was pleasantly surprised to finish this in 12.02. These races take place throughout the summer, organised to a high standard by Adrian Stott and his team. Although I don't really consider myself to be a 2 mile runner, it's a good hard workout and I feel as though I should have done more of them throughout the summer.

And then Friday night was the annual 'Piss Up in the Brewery', a thank you party held for West Highland Way helpers in the Bridge of Allan Brewery. I'm not sure I help enough with the race to merit an invitation, but as Dario had invited me along I wasn't going to turn it down or ask too many questions about my apparent lack of credentials. I was one of the last to arrive, having been at Ayr races, and then one of the first to leave, having to catch a train at 11pm. Despite that it was still a first class night.

Today we were at the football, watching Falkirk lose 2-0 to Aberdeen. The 3 of us have season tickets for Falkirk (the Domestic Female, son No 3 and me). After a great start to the season (7 points from the 1st 3 ganes, joint top of the league) Falkirk have now reverted to more typical form and have failed to win a point in the last 4 games, scoring only 1 goal in the process. Our earlier optimism is starting to disappear, and we are now anticipating a long, nervous battle against relegation.

I'll be back tomorrow to update on my Stirling 10k performance. It's a fast course so who knows - would it be asking too much for a season's best?

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allybea said...

I think I might send my season ticket back in protest! Falkirk were pants!!!