Monday, January 22, 2007

Feeling rubbish

I am not well. I've been hit by a 'respiratory virus', which means I keep coughing, I feel cold most of the time, my eyes feel very heavy, and I am generally shattered. Needless to say I am not running because a) it would not be a sensible thing to do, and b) the Domestic Female would have a fit.

I'm popping Lemsip cold and flu pills at 4 hourly intervals and I'm trying to drink plenty of hot drinks. I'm not convinced that it is working, however, and an unfortunate side effect is that I am needing to go to the toilet an average of 5 times an hour.

I just like to say hard luck to Andy Murray, who lost earlier on today in the last 16 of the Australian Open (tennis, for those who don't know). I listened to some of it on the radio. At 2 sets to 1 ahead I thought he was going to do it, but it wasn't to be - at least not this time.