Sunday, January 28, 2007

Walking the dog on the WHW

After a great deal of soul searching I decided to give today's 29 mile run a miss on the grounds of my dodgy cough. It's not like me to be sensible, as anyone who knows me will confirm, but I just felt it wasn't the time to be taking any chances with a virus. Although not feeling 100%, I did feel a lot better than earlier on in the week so headed up to Sallochy car park (about 3 miles south of Rowardennan), with my younger dog Lucy, for a long WHW walk.

I arrived about 12.30, parked the car and started walking north along the WHW in the direction of Rowardennan. Almost right away I met Alan and Mike, who had been out doing the run but had not gone all the way to Inversnaid. I had a quick chat with them then carried on. My cough sounded terrible going up and down the steep hills, but I seemed ok on the flat - it was probably just as well I didn't attempt the run, with the benefit of hindsight. Lucy just swam across the rivers, which looked much more fun than using the broken bridges, and about half a mile outside Rowardennan I met another runner, Roger, who was on his way back. I kept walking until Ptarmigan Lodge, then turned round and came back the same way, going a bit further on past the car and then coming back. I met the 4 other runners just as I got back to the car. By this stage they had covered about 25 miles and, with the exception of David who is not human, they were beginning to look a bit tired.

All in all I walked for 9 miles in just over 2 and a half hours. It's not quite the same as running, but I enjoyed it a lot and was glad I had done it. Lucy had a fantastic time and has been more or less fast asleep since she came home.


snowgoon said...

Very sensible of you!

A quick question, do you use the web much to keep track of running events, other blogs, etc etc? I'm aware of Runners World and Fetch, but outside of those it's really just the running shops that I've found (Achilles Heel, Wiggle, etc).

I'm still a 'newbie' runner (working up through JogScotland) but reading your tales as has been a real inspiration, I'd love to find some more running bloggers!

WHW Runner said...

Hi, thanks for your comments. I look at quite a few running websites, particularly some of the forums on the running club websites. I've put a selection of them below:

Troon Tortoises forum

Strathearn Harriers forum

WHW race forum

One of the entrants to this year's WHW race also keeps a blog of his progress:

If you keep an eye on these you'll probably find links and mentions to various other sites as well.

Hope this helps!