Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm back!

Regular readers of my blog (hark me! regular readers indeed..) will have noticed the lack of a blog yesterday. Did I not have anything interesting to say, I hear you ask. Have I stopped running? Am I all right?

Unfortunately my lack of blog was simply a result of not having enough time. A busy day at work meant that I didn't get home until reasonably late. I then had to eat (pretty important a few days before a 95 mile race), and had to take the dogs for a walk. I was too busy to watch any of the football, and even had to put in my apologies for the athletic club committee meeting. It is not good missing committee meetings, as there is always the risk that the remainder of the committee will decide to do something which I do not agree with. As (according to my wife, The Domestic Female) I am a control freak, this is not a satisfactory outcome, but one which was unavoidable yesterday. Fortunately I managed to fit in a gentle 5 mile run at lunchtime, and I await the minutes of the committee meeting with great interest. I suppose any stupid decisions can always be reversed at a future meeting.

But I digress. I am an accountant and, like many accountants, I like figures. I keep a detailed record of every race I have ever run. You may or may not be interested to know that Saturday's WHW Race will be my 399th race of all time. So far I have done 13 ultras, 41 marathons, 69 half marathons, 73 10ks, and 202 races of varying other distances. My best marathon time is 2 hours 56 minutes (Inverclyde, 1998), my best half marathon time is 1 hour 17 minutes (Ayr, September 1996) and my best 10k time is 36.09 (Irvine, August 1996). Those who are members of Central AC will think I have made these times up, as I have never come close to running as quickly as this since joining the club around 3 years ago.

I also have to admit, sad as it sounds, that I have kept a record of every run I have done since I started running in 1990: training runs, races, the lot. This means I am able to declare that I have now run more than 28,000 miles. As I have been doing about 2,000 miles annually for the last few years, I would hope to reach the 30,000 figure around this time next year.

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allybea said...

You're a sad old git, but I still love ya! x