Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rest day

No running today. It's a rest day. I plan to run only every second day from now until The Race.

I don't really like days I am not running. It's much better going out every day. That way, you expect your legs to feel tired all the time so aren't surprised. If you don't run and your legs are still sore then you start to panic.

Talking of panic, I was on the WHW website earlier on. There, things are getting increasingly fraught. The chat has turned to stinky goats, which are often seen on the route, normally after Inversnaid. I don't really mind them and am not even convinced they are stinky at all, at least not as stinky as the cows you meet after Derrydarroch. I strongly suspect the stinkiest things on the WHW are the runners, closely followed by walkers who have decided to camp.

Did I mention my film, or should I say my first film? You'll hear more about it over the next week, I hope. It's a documentary of the 2005 race and is due to be released early next week, only 52 weeks after the event actually took place. I look many years younger in the film than I do now. I have clearly had a very hard year.

I see the Edinburgh marathon relay results are now on the website. We put in a team in from work called the Veterans, having been challenged by some of the younger members of the firm. Our average age of our 5 person team was 37.8 and theirs was a mere 25.8, but we still beat them by 7 minutes and 56 seconds. I'm not impressed by their fitness, and have challenged them to sort it out for next year. They were a few seconds under 3 hours 30, a time I would be disappointed with had I run the full marathon on my own. Don't they teach PE in schools nowadays?

I'm about to watch Germany v Poland in the World Cup. The commentators are driving me mad, particularly the BBC team. I thought England did ok against Paraguay - it was the first game, it was hot, Paraguay hardly had a shot at goal, and England won. However according to the 'expert analysts' it was a disaster of the highest order, Sven's tactics were all wrong, and the world cup dream is now over. Come on guys, get a sense of perspective! I'm not particularly bothered whether England win this competition or not (unlike the domestic female, who hopes they get absolutely horsed), but I don't think a 1-0 victory over Paraguay is the worst start ever to a world cup campaign.

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