Monday, June 18, 2007

Feeling good on a Monday

I am not normally at my best on a Monday. In fact it would be fair to say that my usual Monday demeanour lies somewhere between 'very grumpy' and 'extremely p*ss*d off with life in general'. As I've felt like this on Mondays for the last 20 years or so (probably ever since I started work), I've become fairly used to it. My workmates are also used to it, to the point where they go out of their way to avoid scheduling meetings with me until later in the week.

But today an incredible thing happened. As I headed into work I felt good, and it was a Monday. Knowing how things usually turn out, I kept expecting to descend into my normal grumpiness at some point in the day. But it didn't happen. I actually felt good all day. I was even heard to crack a few jokes, and to tell a couple of my workmates to cheer up, and point out to them that no-one wanted to see their greetin' faces in our ever so happy workplace. Someone muttered something about pots and kettles, which I found amusing. Nothing seemed able to spoil my mood.

So what brought on this remarkable transformation? I can only assume that my greatly reduced running over the weekend (5 miles in total) has left me feeling a lot fresher which, in turn, has left me feeling a lot less grumpy. There seems no other logical explanation.

Obviously it won't last. In fact after the WHW race I'll be REALLY tired, which will make me even more grumpy than normal. I think we just need to look on today as a pretty amazing one-off, never to be repeated.

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