Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lang Toon 10k, Auchterarder

It's not like me to post during the week, as I normally don't have time. However I felt I had to let everyone know that I ran the Lang Toon 10k in Auchterarder tonight, finishing in (wait for it) 2nd place overall and 1st vet! My time was 38.37 - perhaps not quite as fast as I had hoped, but against that it was a tough, hilly course with most of the uphills in the 2nd half. Needless to say it was not a quality field, but to be fair neither was the heptathlon in the 2000 Olympics, and I've never heard Denise Lewis complain about her gold medal :)

For someone who hasn't had much (or indeed any) practice, I thought I handled the prizegiving pretty well. I went up to the front at the right times, smiled, and remembered to thank the man who gave me my medals. I even had my photo taken for the local paper, the Strathearn Herald.

One final point before going to bed, which may be of interest to some: tonight's race saw me pass 1,000 running miles for the year.

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