Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Weather

Dario, the WHW race organiser, has put a post on the WHW bulletin board which suggests the weather next Saturday could be similar to 2005 - i.e. very warm and humid, with the potential for thunder and flash floods. As you would imagine these conditions can be difficult to run in, with a need to take on plenty of fluid, while making sure you don't take on too much. I don't particularly like running in the heat. My ideal weather would be a temperature of around 14 degrees, dull and overcast, with a light south westerly wind. I've had a look at the Met Office long term forecast which says the following:

UK Outlook for Thursday 21 Jun 2007 to Saturday 30 Jun 2007:
Low pressure will bring an unsettled start with showers, heavy and thundery in places and also some longer spells of rain, consequently limited sunny intervals. The low is likely to move east of the UK by Saturday allowing some dry and sunny intervals to develop although there will still be some showers.

That doesn't sound too bad, although at this stage the forecast is very general and a lot can change. The 5 day forecast should be available tomorrow.

In the week just passed I've been out running 4 times, as planned, running for about 5 miles on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I'm feeling quite good and intend to take both Thursday and Friday as holidays, really just to give myself a chance to prepare properly and relax before the weekend. Most of the runners I've spoken to are feeling nervous, but looking forward to getting on with the race.

Finally, my wife Alison has set up a blog to record her experiences of being a backup person in the WHW race. She has received some fantastic feedback on it. You can find it here:

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