Monday, November 20, 2006

Coming soon - Ian's review of the year

Over the next few weeks I'm going to publish my highlights of the running year. So watch this space! Will the 14 x 2.2 mile loops round Glenrothes (otherwise known as the Fife 50k) get a mention? What were my best and worst performances of the year? Plenty of contenders in the latter category, unfortunately. What was the worst event from an organisational perspective - again, quite a choice, with most of the contenders being races held in Edinburgh. And the big prize - what will win the award for the 'Ian's Favourite Event'? The WHW race will of course be a short priced favourites to win it for the 6th year out of the last 7 (it missed out in 2002 only because I had dislocated my shoulder a month or so before the race), but other events like the Aviemore half marathon, the Loch Ness marathon and the Dumfries marathon may come into the reckoning.

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