Sunday, November 05, 2006

Yesterday's blog

I spent ages last night updating my blog. It was definitely there, but has now disappeared. How odd. I can't remember everything I said but I'll try and recall the highlights:
  • I've had a good week's running - 2 sessions at Central, a great run on Saturday round about the Perthshire countryside, and an excellent half marathon today.
  • One of the guys, David, does huge mileage - 75 mile in easy weeks and 125 miles when he's getting ready for a race. I don't. My average weekly mileage for 2006, up to yesterday, was 36 miles.
  • I've joined Strathearn Harriers and am going to run first claim with them, although I'm still going to be a member of Central.

Think that was just about it, although it took me a lot longer yesterday to say it. Hope this one doesn't disappear as well.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Ian

Enjoyed reading your awards for the year. Good to read that the WHW race was your favourite. From what I have read and seen so far it would take some beating.

Not sure about running 14 laps of 2.2miles though and the Edinburgh relay does sound a silly way of doing it.

Look forward to seeing if you can work out a way to finish WHW even quicker next year.

So congratulations on your awards. Can we see some photos of the awards?????