Friday, November 17, 2006


As the title suggests, I've not done anything particularly interesting recently in terms of my running. I managed to get out 5 times last week, but we were away at the weekend (at the rather splendid Skibo Castle, venue for Madonna's wedding) and so didn't get a long run - far too much food and drink to even consider it. My weekly mileage was a staggering 19 - not much danger of overuse injuries, I would hope. This week so far I've run 3 times, which isn't too bad considering how busy I've been at work. I'll try and get out for a couple of runs over the weekend, and if anything more exciting happens I'll let you know.

Incidentally the West Highland Way race is full already. That's the earliest ever, and just shows how popular it has become. I've been exchanging emails with a chap who is doing it for the first time, John Kynaston. He has set up a blog to recod his WHW training, which can be found here:

He seems to be doing all the right things - maybe we'll get a run together at some point.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ian

Thanks for the link to my blog. I look forward to having a run together sometime.